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We help heavy equipment OEMs electrify their diesel fleets.

This allows their customers, construction contractors, to win more tenders, avoid environmental fines, and improve their unit cost.


4QT electric drives
for heavy equipment

Optimized for Heavy Equipment.

Power-dense. Axial-flux motor & LFP chemistry.

Long service-life. Many charge-cycles, few moving parts.

For all machine types. No redesign.

Stackable motor. Modular battery.

Hybrid & full-electric. Covers all scenarios.

4QT Axial-Flux
magnet-free motor

Axial-Flux “Pancake” Motor

Power-dense topology.

Stackable motors. Modular torque output.

2 rotors with differential torque

Regenerative braking. Charge battery on deceleration.

Interface w/ any ICE engine for hybrid-electric use.

No rare-earth permanent magnets

Cheaper unit economics at scale.

Recyclable by design.

Battery pack render.png

4QT batteries for ALL
heavy equipment


Modular design for all equipment

Customizable capacity and voltage

Made for Heavy Equipment

Power Dense LFP chemistry
High charge/discharge rate


Zero fire risk through chemistry, cooling, BMS

Long service life

Many charge-cycles through LFP chemistry

The iBEX

First fully electric
powered dumper

4QT has developed the 4QT Paris Hybrid™ drivetrain, which equipment manufacturers can offer to end customers.


For the first prototype, the 4QT full-electric drivetrain was fitted into a RACO 2500 HSK Allraddumper supplied by Walo Bertschinger AG. 


The custom-built battery module has a capacity of 15 kWh and a nominal voltage output of 375 V. The electric motor is a 90kW synchronous machine.

The fully electrified RACO, or iBEX, is developed to TRL 6 and can reach speeds up to 30 km/h.

It is as such capable of emulating its conventional counterpart, as seen in the video.

Contact us today
to electrify your OEM portfolio

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