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4 Quadrant Transmission Technology

How it works

4QT combines the design advantages of electric motors with the economics and time proven reliability of traditional engines.
4 Quadrant transmission describes the operating capabilities of an ideal gearbox. It can inject and recuperate energy at just the right time so that mobility becomes both efficient and low emissions.
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4QT works like an automatic gearbox. The optimal gear ratio is calculated by an onboard computer, based on the input from the driver. The gear ratio is created by controlling the electromagnets in the gearbox. Local emission targets can be adapted to on-the-fly. While excess and recuperated energy is stored in the battery so that it can be used later on in the journey.
Any and all power requirements are met with an unmatched capability to make the most out of the energy which is required. In this example of a vehicle going up to a speed of 200 km/h (on the German Autobahn!) you can see that the efficiency is close to the exergetic maximum for all torque and velocity combinations.
Kennfeld Full Torque 4QT-ICE.jpg

Functional Prototype

The 4QT technology comprises both physical components that are embedded into the vehicle as well as software that controls the operating modes. This functional prototype gives a glimpse of the inside of the "Magic Box" – the physical parts of the 4QT.

4QT Energy Monitoring

The 4QT has a range of different operating modes to switch between. Depending on the situation, the 4QT always activates the appropriate mode to optimally use, generate or store the energy. The animation below shows the different modes for passenger cars and for construction machines.
4QT Energy Monitoring Animation.gif

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