What is 4QT all about?

Where we are – and where we want to go.

The Challenge

Modern societies face diverse challenges caused by increasingly dense urban centres. Facing the expected growth of inhabitants in urban areas the public mobility requirements are becoming more complex and new solutions to sustainable mobility need to be found. While governments are struggling with integrating new infrastructure in the given networks, the required innovative progress is slowed down drastically. 
Meeting low emission targets have become an optimization of the trade-off between high efficiency and high reach. Increasingly tight emission regulations are at odds with efficient engines. To be optimally efficient at all driving conditions the vehicle requires an infinite number of gear pairs. But that is not feasible as each gear adds weight to the vehicle and this would make the vehicle too heavy.

Our Solution

Image by Yolanda Sun
Digitalise the gearbox. As Einstein said: You can’t solve a problem at the same level of analysis on which you encountered it.
4QT combines the best of two worlds. We offer an innovative way of combining the technical benefits of electrical drivetrain systems and the extended range of internal combustion engines. By using an innovative and patented approach to the design of hybrid engines an unmatched efficiency and performance can be achieved. Furthermore, backfitting the 4QT system into given mobility solutions provides minimal cost of investment while reducing the CO2 footprint and fuel consumption.

Our  Vision

By bringing CO2 neutral utility vehicles onto every construction site, we build a sustainable future.

We must shift our thinking away from short-term gain toward long-term investment and sustainability, and always have the next generations in mind with every decision we make.

(Deb Haaland)

Our  Values



Precision, quality and honesty is what defines Switzerland, which is deeply rooted in our company.

First-Class Engineering

At 4QT we provide fast and reliable design processes by facilitating diverse and top-notch engineering know-how.


Our planet is unique and the possibilities of technology are endless. We want to exploit technology while improving the environment.


The team of 4QT provides diverse backgrounds which helps to analyse challenges from various perspectives and find the most suitable solution.

Cutting-Edge Design

By implementing state-of-the-art techniques, we use innovative approaches for the design of the 4QT drive train.


By looking for inspiration in our daily life we strive to find ground breaking and innovative solutions for today’s challenges.

Curious how we do it?

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