4QT Drivetrain Innovation

We electrify utility vehicles

Increasingly dense urban centres face complex public mobility requirements. Increasingly tight emission regulations are at odds with efficient engines. To be optimally efficient at all driving conditions the vehicle requires an infinite number of gear pairs.

For utility vehicle manufacturer, 4QT offers electrified powertrains that cut emissions, boost fuel economy, and put OEMs back in the driver's seat. 
Construction and rental companies are convinced of low-emission utility vehicles that support our way 
towards climate neutrality, and increased load capacity. 
Users appreciate and enjoy the best of the electric and the combustion world. 

Our kind of rocket science

The 4QT hybrid technology combines the instant power delivery of electric systems with the versatility and reliability of combustion engines.

Unique technology,
exceptional features.


Greater efficiency

noun_car exhaust_2085220.png

Zero emissions
on demand


Lighter and
less complex

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Enhanced user experience



Team work to make the dream work

We are a team of dedicated engineers, hard-working visionaries and enthusiastic entrepreneurs with one common goal – to build a sustainable future.

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